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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Art Work in Progress

How do I make a painting? I finished one yesterday but I don't have photos yet of the finished work. I wanted to post these in stages so that you could see how a painting comes to life. Here's a somewhat condensed view:

First I create the drawing - just an outline of the image - in this case, from a photograph I took (yes, me) in Vietri sul Mare where we lived along the Amalfi Coast. I know I took it because it was taken at sunrise and Bob is definitely not up at sunrise taking photos!

Then I begin to block in color - I work in layers, building up color and contrast as I work my way through the painting

More building of colors/layers in the painting. At this stage the colors are not as vibrant as they will be in the completed work. That sky is going to be much more dramatic in the final stage. And all the colors beefed up.

Close up detail of the still unfinished painting

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