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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

National Museum of American History, DC

This museum, on the Mall in Washington DC was first opened to the public in 1964 as The Museum of History and Technology and in 1980 its name was changed. The Museum showcases objects that reflect the experience of the American people. We visited there on Sunday on our way to the Baltimore International Airport. We had spent a few days in Richmond at Chris and Kyla's place with Jessica and she was on her way home. Since her flight was later in the day, we decided to leave relatively early and spend some time in D.C., breaking up the 4-hour trip that would take us to the airport and then home to Delaware.

It was so worth it! There are 3 million artifacts, including the original star-spangled banner, the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write what became our National Anthem, C3PO and Dorothy's ruby slippers! From the serious to the silly, this museum is a fun place to spend an afternoon and want to go back for more! We even took part in a recreation of the Greensboro, S.C. Woolworth's lunch counter sit-in from 1960 that made history.

The actual lunch counter that is part of civil rights history

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers!

Julia Child's actual kitchen where her cooking show "Bon Appetit" was filmed

C3PO from Star Wars

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