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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Studio!

No, it's not ready for me to move into yet, but it's getting there. Some time this fall, I will be taking a big leap into my own studio space away from our condo. Above the Mispillion Art League, in the recently renovated historic building on N. Walnut Street, next to the Riverwalk, a hardware store in its heyday, now called The Riverwalk Center for the Arts - there will be nine individual studios that a variety of artists will be working in once the space is deemed occupy-able (if that's a word!)

While I do have a nice studio here at home that I've been painting in for the past three years, I do feel a bit constrained in not being able to paint with abandon, paint larger and paint messier - maybe get into oils or pastels and...who knows! It seemed a logical next step for me and, I hope, will allow me to take my work to another level. I'll keep you posted on the Opening Date, as there will be a party to celebrate. Here's a peak at what it looks like now, in its semi-finished state.

My Studio - studio i - has a lovely golden stuccoed wall that reminds me of Italy!

Bob and I spent a morning painting the walls a lovely white color called "Roman Columns" it works nicely with the walls and the wood floors without adding too much color.

Wood and metal beams of the ceiling - the walls do not go all the way up, so it's still nice and open, while maintaining privacy

The view of N. Walnut Street from my studio (through the window screen) - with north light!

We need to take a more recent photograph of the Art League with its new window signage, but this is the building. The studios are on the second floor.

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