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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Class - Capturing the Outdoors at Abbott's Mill

The weather was gorgeous (if a bit on the warm side) when we met at Abbott's Mill yesterday afternoon. A bit too warm for sketching the barn and the mill, as the hillside was bathed in sunlight when we arrived. No problem though, we wandered down one of the "boardwalk" paths that wind their way through the wooded grounds and found places to sit and sketch the plant life.

We gathered at the end of the day and everyone shared their work, as we had done each of the 4 weeks. It was delightful to hear how well they had enjoyed the class and the things they took away with them. It was my pleasure to do it and I enjoyed the company of these hard working artists! They should all be proud of themselves!

A few shots of my class lost in their journals:

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