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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Certificate of Achievement!

I spent the past four days in an intensive four-day eComerce Training Course that covered all kinds of strategies to sell your products and yourself. The instructor was Dan Bond, owner of The Lady Bug Shop and The Towers Bed and Breakfast in downtown Milford and all around technical wiz. The class was held at Delaware Technical Community College in Dover through Downtown Delaware and the Delaware Emerging Technology Center (DETC).

My bonafide Certificate of Achievement (I'm so proud of myself!)

There were about 25 attendees and we covered everything from "Click and Mortar" businesses (where you have a physical store and an eCommerce business online), Niche Marketing - actually a great idea for small businesses to focus on a narrow market (who knew?) to Website Optimization and Marketing, and other online marketing tools, inventory control, shopping carts, credit cards, shipping, tax issues, social networking and secondary marketing via shopping sites and affiliates and more!! Plus he brought in the cutest Ladybug Slippers and a huggable toy called "Eebee" to entertain us! I met a lot of wonderful, enthusiastic, interesting people with ideas for businsses trying to better use the internet to market their ideas.

One of the things I learned was that it helps your rating on the internet (and your site comes up higher when people search) if you have more comments on your blog - so comment away! Besides, I always love to know what you think.

I also discovered that a person could spend every waking minute joining clubs and networking, optimizing and socializing so if you're not careful, you won't have any time to actually make what it is you are trying to sell!! So, I intend to use what I learned but not get crazy (of course today was a bit crazy - online most of the day searching, analyzing, fixing, blogging, facebooking, linking in and dozing out! About 3:00 Bob said - "Let's go to Dolce for a coffee and relax!" Great idea. Marketing can wait. Besides, I have painting to do!!


Mark said...

Bob & Rosemary,
I try to spend winters resting, regrouping, learning and experimenting. This winter I have delved into educating myself about marketing the cabinets, mantels, bookshelves, etc. The remodeling has always been good, as this side of the business is largely local and “word-of-mouth” is key. My website stresses woodworking, (I hope), but has pretty much been dormant. So the question I asked my self a few months ago was how to market it so that it gets attention followed by sales.
One of the ideas I’ve been reading about is blogs. So this morning I thought I would look at yours which I do once every week anyway. That’s when I saw Rosemary”s certificate from the e-commerce trading seminar. That is a great idea and I’m sure you came away with useful information.
Glad to see you both are in the mindset that education never stops and change is constant.

Mark Schiller
802 380 6419 (voice & text)
M&D Residential Improvements, Inc.

Bob and Rosemary said...

How lovely to see your comment - I had no idea you were checking it every week - I love that you added this comment and wish you would do more. You'll understand what I mean when you get yours up and running. It's so nice to know that people are reading and enjoying. Feel free to share it with friends as well! Did you ever read our Italy blog? That's enough to keep you going all winter! Hope life is going well for you too. And yes, the truth is "the more we know, the more we know we don't know!"