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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A cold day in Washington DC

We went to D.C. to see the exhibit "Terra Cotta Warriors" (below) at the National Geographic Museum. We also wandered around a bit, had lunch and toured the American Craft Museum. We drove to New Carrollton Metro Station, parked our car for the day and rode the train to the Farragut West Station on the orange line so we didn't have to change trains. It made it so much more relaxing not having to drive in D.C. and find a place to park. Plus it was just fun to do. Photos of our day follow.

Lafayette Park, D.C.

Monument to Baron von Steuben, Lafayette Park, D.C., Major General in the Continental Army

Bob, the White House and the Washington Monument!

Outside the Chilean Embassy stands the bust of Bernardo O'Higgins, Founding Father of Chile (While the Irish exodus to Britain and America in the 19th century has been well chronicled, less has been written on the surge of the Irish to South America.)

Sunset on Delaware Bay (a "drive-by shooting" on the way home)