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Friday, January 25, 2008

Art Shows coming up!

We're been really busy here since Barbara and Art's visit at the beginning of January. We heard from them that their flight went well and they even got upgraded to first class. Very cool. We wish them well in the coming year and success in finding a buyer for their home in San Venanzo, Italy (http://www.expatsinitaly.com/blog/barb/)

We are preparing for a couple of art shows that we are participating in. The first one, an Artists Reception, along with the other members of the Milton Arts Guild (http://www.miltonartsguild.com/) is on February 9 from 4-8pm at the Milton Fire Hall, 116 North Front Street in Milton, Delaware for anyone reading this who lives in the area. The second is on the 7th of March at the Mispillion Art League (http://www.mispillionarts.org/), our local arts organization. The Mispillion group has a permanent gallery space, located at 127 N.W. Front Street in Milford in the recently rehabilitated Governor Tharp Building, a lovely old house in the downtown area. This is a Photography, Prints and Student Members' Show and another opportunity to exhibit our work. We've been busy having giclee prints made, building up an inventory, matting and framing and preparing to show our stuff for the first time since we've been home from Italy. It has consumed most of our time and we're excited to see how it will be received.

We've been doing our research and are targeting a few Art Fairs in the coming year, hoping to be juried in to some of the more exclusive ones and looking for other opportunities to show and sell our paintings, prints and photographs. We decided to focus on Delaware shows for the time being.

The weather turned much colder after the unseasonably warm days when Art & Barbara were here and we actually had a few days in the 20s. There has also been a lot of rain and some grey-flannel sky days. And more snow yesterday - just a couple of inches, enough to cover the ground and the roof tops. It really feels like winter should feel and aside from those very cold days, I'm enjoying it. The snowfall yesterday was lovely and the little ponds here in our neighborhood froze over. I saw a great blue Heron visiting our ponds and watched and listened to the sound of geese in formation flying over. One day I sat in the sun on the bench by the pond and watched them cavorting in the water there until the sun dipped down behind the houses and I got too cold. This morning I woke up early enough to watch the sky turning pink at the horizon. It looks clear and the forecast calls for sunshine. At 7am, few hardy souls were out taking an early morning walk, some with their dogs, others jogging by as I sit in my perch here surveying my winter world.

I forgot to include these few photos from New Year's Day in Cape Henlopen State Park. They show another side of the Park and I wanted to share that with you -- the Pineland's trail through the wooded areas. It is still amazing to me that these heavily wooded areas are so close to the beach.

Reflections of the sky in a pond

A bridge along the Pinelands Trail


Barbara said...

Best of luck at the various art fairs! I wish we could be there during one of them to see both your works on display, as well as the works of other local artists...maybe on a future visit.

We've been amazed at the radical differences in temperatures since we've been back in Italy. Here it's been in the low 40's, while the states have been really, really cold! (It's been 10 in Louisville!) Stay warm!

bluey_blue said...

Good Luck on the art shows! Being in art shows is quite an experience I'm sure you both will enjoy and love. If you ever decide to come to Arizona let me know so my mom and I can attend.