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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Art and Barbara in Delaware 1/6/08

Our friends Art & Barbara (of the blog "Art and Barb Live in Italy" http://www.expatsinitaly.com/blog/barb/ came for a visit about a week or so ago. They own a house in a sweet little town called San Venanzo, in Umbria where they have lived for the past 5 years. Originally from Kentucky, the fell in love with Italy, retired, sold everything they owned, bought a house, restored it and have been living happy as clams. That is until the dollar starting nosediving against the euro, making living on a fixed income more challenging. They have decided to return to the states and their house is for sale, if you are interested, check out their blog, with photos of the house and Barbara's wit and wisdom (not to mention some really killer recipes). They were home for the holidays visiting their kids and grandkids and took the time for a detour to visit with us. Art and Barbara are like the unofficial welcoming committee for American expats (or perhaps I should say english speaking folks moving over there). They are chock full of good advice and willing to help out wherever help is needed. We learned a great deal from them about how to be good hosts, to be available to people, without being pushy or intrusive. We enjoyed showing them around our little town of Milford and the surrounding beach towns and even took a spin around Dover, so they could see the state capitol. We wish them well on their future journeys and hope we can take them up on their offer of a place to stay while they are still in Italy!

Art & Barbara at Rehoboth Beach

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Barbara said...

We were so glad we got to spend some time with you two....thank you for your hospitality....and thank you for showing us that yes, there IS life after Italy!