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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Touring Denver with Madison

I spent a few weeks in Arvada, Colorado, near Denver at my sister's house earlier in the summer. Madison and I had a good time touring around while my sister was at work and her sister was in summer school. We had a great time. She's a great traveler and a terrific little navigator.

Here's Maddie on the steps of the Stte Capitol building in Denver. The step she is sitting on says "One Mile Above Sea Level" - that's how high Denver is. This step marks that level.

Their little town of Arvada held a festival while I was there and a group of civil war re-enacters had booths set up in the park.

We spent a few hours touring the Rocky Mountain Amphiteatre and Park. They have concerts here in this breathtaking setting where spectacular red rock formations dominate the landscape. All the most famous musicians including the Beatles have performed here!

Another Rocky Mountain Park view

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