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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pen and Ink with Watercolor at Rehoboth Art League: Fruit and Vegetables

Rehoboth Art League invited me to do two workshops in the month of February. The First was on  February 11, 2017 - Learning to draw with pen and ink, with a focus on Fruits and Veggies. The second, with a focus on Plants and Flowers. 

The photos that follow were taken during the first workshop. Most of my students are complete beginners, never having done anything like this before or very little. I am always astonished at what they are able to achieve after doing a few simple exercises and playing with colors! I think the photos are self explanatory but have added captions where I felt it was necessary. Enjoy! (Note: if a photo looks cut off, click on it for the full image)

Learning to mix colors using the primaries of red, yellow and blue - especially greens!

Playing with mixing colors in an abstract design.

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