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Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Watercolor Painting of 2012

This painting was completed today in my studio. It is 8" x 8" and is painted on cold press watercolor paper in a block. My goal for the new year is to complete one painting this size every day that I am in the studio, that is 4 times a week. I would very much appreciate your support and encouragement and ask that you add your comments to the post and also to share it with your friends. If I can complete one small painting this same size every day that I am in the studio I will have completed 208 paintings in the year to come. How awesome would that be! Wow!


april allyson abel said...

Rosemary, I am so honored that you would paint this image from my photograph. It's lovely.

Beth's Whimsicality said...

Like your piece. My sister-in-law Martha did one piece a week (8x10) for a year and then had a show called something like "pieces of my mind for a year". It was fascinating. You could see how her moods changed with the times of the year. Her winter scenes were dark, mostly bare trees. You could tell when spring came, she had more color and then the summer ones were beautiful bright colors in orange, reds, pinks. Full of warmth. You get the idea. Her medium is fiber.

Bob and Rosemary said...

April, I am honored that you would allow me to use it as reference! It's inspired me to create this whole series of paintings now based on it! Thank YOU!

Bob and Rosemary said...

That's exactly what I have in mind. I'm exploring this image of the Wilkins Road farm which has been my jumping off point and hope to branch out from here!