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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We made the paper!

Alongside the Mispillion River, photo by Gary Emeigh

We're excited to tell you that the front page of the "Life" Section of Sunday's News Journal contained an article about Bob and I - our art and our life. Gary Soulsman interviewed us a few weeks ago, after we met him at an Art League event and he became interested in the story of how we lived in Italy, our philosophy, to "live cheap and make art" and my watercolor journals and workshops.

Rosemary in her studio, photo by Gary Emeigh

It's a lovely article we're very proud of and especially the lead in, where he says: "As a motto, "live cheap and make art" sounds like a denial of the good things while sacrificing to create something beautiful. But Bob and Rosemary Connelly, a Milford photographer and watercolorist who espouse this motto, are a husband and wife who don't seem to be suffering at all. For them, "live cheap and make art" is simply prizing experience over stuff." Couldn't have said it any better myself! Thanks Gary!

Gary is the religion, arts and general features reporter with The News Journal and Delawareonline.com. Photographer Gary Emeigh came to Milford to shoot us in the downtown and in my studio in the Riverwalk Center for the Arts, above the Mispillion Art League and Angelucci Studios and Artists Gallery.

All photos are by photographer Gary Emeigh

Rosemary's watercolor journals

Bob with the Mispillion Art League's murals

Bob's photograph of the "trulli" in Puglia

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