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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watercolor Journaling at Mispillion Art League

This workshop took place at Mispillion Art League on June 25-26-27. Our first lesson was photographed by Leigh Nagy of Minorbird who happened to stop by the gallery while I was teaching.

My demonstration painting

The first lesson was about drawing what you see, not what you think you see and an overview of what Watercolor Journaling is all about - a way of quietly observing the world around you and capturing what you see in a blank journal with your drawing, painting and writing. It's been extremely rewarding for me, sharing one of the things I love best and seeing these happy faces at the end of the session!

Onion as still life

Giving a Lesson

Talking about Shadows

Everyone Painted an Onion

Carefully Observing

Nice Work!

After journaling about onions (no subject is too ordinary for Watercolor Journaling!) we went out on N. Walnut Street

Lots of fun things in Minorbird's window to sketch

Watercolor Journaler is fun!

Focusing on the subject at hand

Their biggest complaint was that the sessions were not long enough! So we've aded two more sessions and out of the 12 people who came to the first 3, 5 are coming back.

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