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Monday, October 4, 2010

Reminiscing about the Vendemmia in Umbria!

Watercolor journaling in the vineyard (unfortunately these paintings were lost when my journals were stolen in Sicily so I don't have the painting to show you!)

ItalianNotebook.com has a lovely "note" today by Anne Robichaud about the harvesting of the Umbrian grapes in Montefalco, Umbria. Anne has lived on the land in Umbria since 1975 with her Italian husband, Pino and offers unique guided tours of the Umbrian hilltowns and cooking classes in their Assisi area farmhouse. She writes frequently on Umbria and other areas of Italy.

Anne's article made me think of the day we visited the Antonelli Winery during this time of year. We were then living in Perugia, Umbria and this was the time of year for what is called "The Vendemmia" - the grape harvests that result in the most wonderful wines this area is noted for. Since I was reminsicing, I thought I'd share my memories with you.

Gorgeous grapes at the Antonelli vineyards in Montefalco

Grapes going into the separator

The Montefalco vineyards at sunset

I found this video on the Antonelli Winery (click on the link) I thought you might enjoy!

It's raining here today and I am procrastinating starting a new painting! So now I'm done with this post and better get to work!

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Bob and Rosemary said...

Sorry these photos are so small. We hadn't quite gotten hang of blogging in these days!