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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunset Canoeing on Haven Lake

Last evening we met with Jason Beale, Manager of Abbott's Mill Nature Center for a sunset canoe trip to the headwaters of Haven Lake, a short drive from home. Along with 3 other intrepid souls we explored numerous channels of the lake, saw water lilies just about to burst into bloom, carnivorous pitcher plants and sundew along with many other forms of plant life native to this area's wet places. Jason spotted a tiny cricket frog who gets its name from the loud call it makes that sounds like...you guessed it...a cricket! He scooped it up in his net for us to see, returning it again to its watery home.

The tiny cricket frog (photo from naturalsciences.org)

The lake was so peaceful as we paddled along (my arms should start hurting any time now!). We were the only humans on this part of the lake as the sun was slowly making its way below the horizon. The day had been cool and breezy but out on the lake the air was calm and we were quite comfortable, at times having to "bushwack" our way through vegetation to continue and once having to turn around due to the dense growth.

Sunset Canoeing on Haven Lake

The Lake

Jason Beale was a wealth of knowledge as we canoed, pointing out plants and trees and the calls of birds that enjoy this habitat. A large blue heron flew over us to perch on a tree branch on the far side of the lake; geese descended in unison to skim the surface of the lake and land gracefully; red-winged black birds were clearly protecting their nests as we glided past and we received a good talking to.

Abbott's Mill has a terrific line-up of programs and classes all year round. Some are even free! I hope you'll check them out!

Me, canoeing (not my best side!)

Kyak at sunset

It was a lovely way to spend the evening and we hope to do this again.

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Bob and Rosemary said...

It was a fun way to spend an evening.