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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mispillion Art League's Fine Art & Fine Craft Exhibit

Our "Gala" was a big success! In spite of the rain we had a great turnout. The showroom at i.g. Burton BMW was decorated with black and white and silver balloons and our exhibit filled the space. The work looked terrific, the judge did a great job, the food was yummy and the wine tasting fun. We enjoyed the music of a harpist for the first half of the evening and a violinist for the second half. Bob decided not to bring his camera (and mine is broken!) so I don't have any photos to show you of the evening,unfortunately. So I'll just post the images that won prizes, and the set up of the showroom.

We were proud of our local artists and appreciated the efforts of Nick Serratore, award-winning pastel artist from Lewes, who thoughtfully judged the show.

Setting up the Show & Judging

Delivering art in the morning

Thoughtful judging

Setting up

Ready for the Show!

......And the Winners are!

Fine Arts

"Visitor to the Sea" watercolor on canvas by Sara Gallagher - Best in Show

"Herborist's Scale, Tuscany" archival digital photograph by Bob Connelly - 1st Place, Fine Arts

"Venetian Fruit" pastel by C. Mercedes Walls - 2nd Place, Fine Arts

"Birch Trees in Winter" watercolor by Gerilyn Gaskill - 3rd Place, Fine Arts

"Red Barn, Alee House, Bombay Hook" watercolor by Rosemary Connelly - Merit, Fine Arts

"Self-Portrait" oil by Bruce Aden - Merit, Fine Arts

"Harbor Mist" oil by Marcy Wheeler - Merit, Fine Arts

"A-Glow" photograph by Bobbie Ranney - Honorable Mention, Fine Arts

"Make Peace not War" mixed media by Sonja Frey - Honorable Mention, Fine Arts

"I Have a Secret" acryllic by Jose Weidner-Ahorrio - Honorable Mention, Fine Arts

"Egg and Onions" an oil by William Patterson - Honorable Mention, Fine Arts

Fine Crafts

"Grandmother's Basket" by Bea Whitehead - 1st Place, Fine Crafts

"Mallard Drake, Red Cedar" by Mark Schanne - 2nd Place, Fine Crafts

"Seahorse in Formal Wear" steel sculpture by Gary Pearson - 3rd Place, Fine Crafts

"Zen Lantern" stained glass and oak by Gail and Scott Angelucci, Honorable Mention, Fine Crafts