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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chris & Kyla: Delaware summer vacation

Raspberry Girl - Kyla loves raspberries! She especially likes putting one on each finger and then eating them one by one!

At Funland, Rehoboth Beach. Kyla loves that Chris has to squeeze himself in!

Kyla riding a boat (she's almost getting too big for the kiddie rides!)

Chris and Kyla painting together with my watercolors

Kyla's painting of a little bench we have. I think she did am amazing job!

Kyla flying a kite at Bowers Beach


Bob and Rosemary said...

Put some sunglasses on to look at this much white!

Monica Morales, Mike King, & Blue Morales said...

Looks like Kyla is an artist too! THumbs up for that!!!!

~Monica M.