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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snowy Delaware

A friend asked about the snow in Delaware so we decided to post some photos here of Milford. We had a nice little snowfall and Bob went out and took these shots. We're lucky here though, so far, no ice storms, power outages and the like. It usually melts within a day or so and only leaves behind memories of whiteness, trees and roof tops dusted with snow and the sound of geese flying overhead. Although the temperature today was in the 20s and that IS cold! I'm lovin' it though after 30 plus years in Phoenix, Arizona when winter consisted of a few chilly days in January.

The Mispillion River - the river that runs through our town - in snow

The Riverwalk, and on the right, Angelucci's artists gallery

Bower's Beach is also the name of the little fishing village that is divided north to south by the Murderkill River so that the folks on one side of the river (little more than a stone's throw away) have to take a boat to get to the restaurant (JP's on the Wharf - great crabs!) on the other side -- or drive clear down to the highway and back - more than 10 miles! We like to go to JP's in the summer and sit out on the dock and watch the boats come in. It's closed all winter unfortunately.

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bluey_blue said...

There is snow on Four Peaks and Superstition Mtn. had some snow the other day. Even parts of Apache Junction received a little snow. It has been very cold here, course I am a desert rat so it probable was not as bad as I think it was. I got to go to the Desert Botanical Garden today with my kindergarten class. It was a blast! Thought of you and Bob and how you would have some very beautiful pictures if you saw the glass exhibit that is on display throughout the garden right now. The kids learned how to make paint brushes out of Agave...very cool hands on experiment.

Hope all is well!