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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Early Thanksgiving in Richmond 2008

We went to Richmond the week before Thanksgiving to spend it with Kyla and Chris, since Kyla would be at her Mom's house for Thanksgiving Day. I cooked a mini-thanksgiving dinner, with a turkey breast and all the trimmings in smaller amounts. Kyla had mac & cheese.

During the day, while her Daddy was at work Bob and I took her to a place called The Inflation Nation, a big warehouse of a place with all these inflatables kids like to jump in and on, like at birthday parties or festivals in the park. She loves it and is absolutely fearless!

Later, before dinner we had fun making turkeys from our handprints and she created this vase of flowers (OK, I made the vase, but she made all the flowers herself, with just a little help with the pipe cleaners) I thought they were fantastic and so creative!

Her finishing touch was a little puppet show under the table to entertain her Daddy!

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Parapluie said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog and asking me about ideas for children workshops. Looks to me like you had a wonderful ideas of making Thanksgiving a creative time with your granddaughter.
Tis encourages me to share my photos of three of our grandchildren and the creative pop-up book. Our grandchildren are mostly a little older. But the youngest made a turkey from his hand outline. In my blog I will recommend Gwen Diehn - books for kids to make, making books that fly.