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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Barack Obama

With just one week to go until election day I wanted to post my thoughts about Barack Obama and why I support him for President of the United States. There was an ugly letter in our local paper from a McCain supporter and I just felt that I had to offer the other side. Here's my letter:

Why I support Barack Obama

I support Barack Obama because I believe in an America where everyone is treated equally regardless of his/her race, sex, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or ethnic background. Where everyone has an opportunity for a good education to succeed in our world and work together for a better America.

I support Barack Obama because I believe in Peace and because I believe we can do more with diplomacy than with military action. I want an America that does not bully; that works with other countries and respects the rest of the world as partners.

Because I believe with Obama the country will look forward and address the damages of global warming. That in the ten years it will take to get more oil rigs up and running he will see to it that we have explored and encouraged, and developed other forms of energy.

I support Barack Obama because I believe in Hope. The hope that America can be better than it has been these last eight years. John McCain voted 90% of the time with George Bush and he says he wants to run on the issues but then resorts to smears and lies, distracting from the real issues.

Because I have been stunned and ashamed of an America that can seriously debate whether we should torture detainees and because John McCain, for all his tough talk and in spite of the cruelty he himself endured, backed down on the issue and ultimately gave in to the Bush Administration's demands regarding the treatment of detainees.

Because I want an America where large corporations don't use loopholes to avoid paying taxes and don’t get tax breaks for taking jobs oversees. Where workers are paid a living wage and average people don’t lose their life savings while CEO's walk away with millions after running companies into the ground.

Because I believe we need Health Care that covers every American. Where the ill and the elderly don't become destitute because their health care costs are so high. If our government cares for the least among us this is not socialism, it is compassionate and responsible.

I support Barack Obama because women still earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. We do not need more conservatives in the White House – and on the Supreme Court – who will turn back the clock on women's rights, while proclaiming a woman as Vice President who does not support the values of women like me - a white woman, a grandmother, proud to call myself a liberal – and I don’t consider that a dirty word – happily married to the same man for 40 years who raised two children to believe that men and women were created equal and should be treated equally, with equal rights and equal opportunities and equal control over their own futures.

I don't understand an America that says it wants us to come together, that wants change, that wants to end divisiveness and the politics of hate and then responds to John McCain and Sarah Palin's campaign of mudslinging and lies.

I believe these issues are too important to be talking about things manufactured to distract us. I urge you to look at the issues and where each of these candidates stands on the things that matter most to you. If you truly want change from the last eight years then please vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

I support Barack Obama because I believe he has the intelligence, the poise and wisdom, the understanding and compassion to bring us all together as one America and lead our country out of these dark days and into a better tomorrow.

Thank you,
Rosemary Connelly
Milford, Delaware

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