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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One year in Delaware!

I just had to write down that today is the anniversary of our arrival in Italy, in April 2005. We left Italy to return to the states on the first of April 2007 after two years and so have been back in the states, living in Milford, Delaware one year today! It's raining and windy today as I look out my window. The weather is warming and the trees outside are covered in white blossoms. We've met a lot of really nice people here now and are starting to feel more a part of the community. But still I miss Italy! I think of all the places we lived and the things we saw and I have such affection for each and every one. With the exchange rate as it is who knows when we will be able to return to Europe so I'm extremely pleased we were able to have our great adventure when we did.

I'm also thinking of the friends we left in Phoenix and hoping they are well and happy and enjoying life. Easter always meant a lovely gathering of friends at this time and I miss their smiling faces. Their weather should be heating up pretty good for summer soon and while I miss the people I left there I don't miss the heat. Life is indeed a trade off.

We made a trip to New York a few weeks ago to visit my Uncle Fred and as many other friends and relatives living on Long Island as we could pack into a weekend visit! It was a little crazy but lots of fun. Thanks to everyone for making time for us. I need to post some of the photos!

We had the joy of spending a few days with Kyla while her dad was at work and that was really fun. We went to the zoo and the Children's Museum and just enjoyed the heck out of it. She's such a sweet kid, we just love the time we spend with her. I do need to post more photos!

We're been working hard to prepare for some of the upcoming shows -- the Bug & Bud festival is the first one on April 26th. It will be the first time we use our white tent and set up an outdoor exhibit. Since it's a spring festival I'm gearing up to show my botanical prints at this venue. A few more prints in the Italian series have sold at the Mispillion Art League's gallery and that show has now come down. We'll be leaving some work on the walls as part of a more permanent display. We've entered art in the Millsboro Art League's current show which opens on April 5. I'm working on a few other things I'll write about later when they are all finalized!

Easter was lovely. Chris & Lisa spent the weekend here with us and that was nice. They had to head home in the afternoon after one of my frittata brunches and a walk around Abbott's Mill Nature Center. We were invited to our friends Sharon & Walt's house for dinner along with two other couples. Sharon is also a member of the Mispillion Art League. They live in our neighborhood and were hosting an Easter Dinner complete with fresh ham and all the trimmings. It was wonderfully scrumptious and the company was delightful. Wine flowed freely along with the conversation.

I can't believe how fast the time is flying.

Happy Spring!


andrea said...

Hi There:
I'm a fellow Italy lover- we have a small home in Umbria and try to get there at least once a year...so I was enchanted with your watercolors. Since I am in CT and unable to get to your Delaware shows can you give me info on purchasing either paintings or prints? There are truly lovely and I am anxiously awaiting your reply. Thanks so very much!

bluey_blue said...

Mornings are absolutely beautiful here in Phoenix AZ...well at least on the playground with my preschoolers. So far this week we have had breezy days with a touch of cool air. The afternoons however is different. It is hot and very sunny. Only a glimpse of what is to come during the summer. Personally I would take rainy weather over the heat.

Glad to hear all is well!


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