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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Watercolors

Just thought I'd show you all some of the new watercolors I've been working on so far this year. Trying to make Tuesday my "Painting Day" where I set aside the day for painting. As you can see, today is Tuesday and I'm stalling -- posting these past works. I did a drawing this morning that I now need to work on and I'm just mulling it over before I put brush to paper.

This one was done while sitting on a hillside at Abbott's Mill on a warm day in January. I can't wait for the weather to be warm enough (it's getting there) for me to go back and do some more paintings of the other buildings at this nature center near our home.

These next two were painted from our photographs.

This was a scene we encountered after climbing to the highest point in the very white city of Ostuni, in Puglia. We spent a few days there when we lived in Vietri on the Amalfi Coast.

We encountered this crusty old gate in the mountains around Chianchetella, near Benevento, where my great-grandfather Pellegrino Fabrizio was born and some distant cousins still live.


Jilli said...

Your art is beautiful! Do you happen to have a site where one can view all your paintings and pictures?

Thanks for sharing your gift!

bluey_blue said...

As always I enjoy seeing your work. It is very beautiful and you truely have a gift. Today in class I thought of you because one of my students was painting with water colors. I watched him dance all around the page...scribbling, dabbing, blotting, and then finally he just touched the paper once and was finished. I imagined some crazy music to go along with his style of painting. It was quite a site to see such artistic creation from a preschooler.

Hope all is well!

Bob and Rosemary said...

For those of you who have asked, we are working on trying to get a website together but at the moment don't have a place other than this blog and our Italian one (www.livecheapmakeart.blogspot.com -- search "watercolors") to send you to see more of my work. We'll let you know for sure when one is up and running.