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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cape May Victorian Houses

I meant to post some of these Victorian homes that Cape May is famous for. Cape May is a peninsula at the southernmost tip of New Jersey between the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. It's history dates back to when Henry Hudson sailed into Delaware Bay and named it Cape Mey in 1609. The English settlers apparently changed the name later to suit themselves. Legend has it that Captain Kidd the infamous pirate buried some of his treasure on Cape May -- is that what those folks with the metal detectors you see combing the beaches with are looking for perhaps?? The beaches are beautiful with golden sands and the streets are lined with shops and restaurants and these lovely Victorian homes complete with intricate gingerbread trim, old-time gas lights and stained glass windows. The pedestrian-only street with little shops and cafes was a lovely place to stroll around.

Cape May Victorians date from the 1800s